Top 10 Reasons you should become a Menstrual Cycle Coach?

Top 10 Reasons you should become a Menstrual Cycle Coach?

Have you experienced a complete blank look from someone staring right back at you when you’ve used the word ‘Menstruation’ or ‘Periods’?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a code-red situation being caught out need needing to ask someone for a pad or tampon?

Society has viewed the menstrual cycle as taboo for far too long which has created a barrier for menstruators to reach out and discuss menstruation openly. Battling menstrual stigma, social norms, shame and ongoing cycle imbalances has created a strong need for menstrual cycle coaches and education. We need menstrual leaders more than ever to support the menstrual revolution in bridging the gap of hesitation and confusion, to instead bringing us together to reignite the lost art of cyclical awareness.

Instead of neglecting the importance of honouring the cycle, menstrual cycle coaches empower menstruators to embrace the cyclical nature of their bodies. To menstruate in connection and confidence. Menstrual cycle coaches play a crucial role in supporting menstrual cycle transitions, offering guidance and menstrual cycle awareness by understanding each unique person’s cycle throughout all stages of life.

Menstrual cycle awareness and understanding is the core for creating optimal cycle health. Becoming a well-versed expert in this topic serves both you and your community for many years to come, guiding, supporting and connecting with menstruators seeking reconnection with their cycles.


Why consider becoming a Menstrual Cycle Coach?

  1. To break the barrier of hesitation and empower menstruators to talk about their menstrual cycle.


  2. Normal is different for everyone – by highlighting the differences in bleeding patterns, colour, and flow of period blood you can help map out and connect menstruators with important health period basics.


  3. Teach, guide and educate menstruators to know about the deeper connection between their cycle and it’s inner seasonal rhythms.


  4. Build self-esteem and period positivity by creating open dialogue and conversations around menstruation and the entire cycle.


  5. Breaking down the understanding of the intricate PMS cycle signs associated with menstrual cycle fluctuations and providing menstruators with a pathway to reconnect, acknowledge and educate.


  6. Provide a nurturing hand through cycle phase-wise eating, optimal nutrition and addressing emotional well-being as essential pillars of cyclical health.


  7. Create a unique integrative approach to tailor individualised plans of the cycle-based action.


  8. Educate and teach menstrual cycle tracking to guide menstruators to become more in tune with the bodies to identify emerging imbalance patterns.


  9. Start a menstruation awareness movement within your community, and become a revolutionist in menstrual dignity.


  10. Become a menstruation maven! Reclaim your passion to drive focus towards period poverty, and menstrual equity for easy and equal right access to all menstrual products. 

The way forward is together. The path to cyclical change is here. 

Passionate about becoming a menstrual change maker and can’t stop talking about cycles? 

Perhaps this is your calling.

Learn more about becoming a certified menstrual cycle coach and our upcoming enrolments at Cyclical School here, and give yourself a career path that stands out!

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