Amplifying My Coaching Business with the Menstrual Cycle Coaching Approach – Amy Blakeman

Amplifying My Coaching Business with the Menstrual Cycle Coaching Approach – Amy Blakeman

During my first coaching qualification training back in 2019 it was made abundantly clear that we needed to a niche to coach within. We were frequently told to think about who do we want to help via coaching once we qualify. 
Initially, I found this overwhelming – where do I even begin?!
Without a niche, I don’t have a coaching business.

In parallel to my coaching studying I was struggling with PMS and was starting to explore ways of reducing these symptoms without the need to go to the GP and be prescribed birth control or anti- depressants. (Been there, done that) And boom! My niche came to me. Perhaps I could coach women about their menstrual cycles. This idea has stuck with me ever since.

Next challenge. How would I go about this? I was so aware of a big knowledge gap between me and knowing a little bit about my own cycle challenges and other menstrual cycle challenges other women may be facing. I was then focussing on how I would structure a coaching session around the GROW model but it felt like there was a disconnect with this approach and it felt ‘clinical’ – I was going to be coaching on something very personal and I felt like I need to do 2 things – learn about menstrual cycles and develop my skills further to build trust and rapport so that my clients can feel comfortable and safe opening up to me about their cycles.

The Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification I gained with the Cyclical School provided everything I needed to close the gap between an idea of what my coaching business could be and turned it into a reality.

8 ways Cyclical School provided me with what I needed to start my Coaching Business;

      1. I now have my niche!
      2. I have significantly increased my knowledge of the menstrual cycle which was an education that was significantly better than anything I received previously.
      3. I know what cycle tracking actually is and how this can be an effective tool for clients. Tracking is not just about tracking when your period is due. This really was a huge eye opener!
      4. I now know how our sex hormones manage and support our menstrual cycle and how they effect our overall mood, energy, cognitive ability and so much more.
      5. It taught me that what we eat can support hormone production and detoxification, or further cause/exacerbate cycle challenges.
      6. It provided me with a framework to coach clients on menstrual cycles. With a big assistance from their cycle trackers.
      7. I can confidently identify a menstrual cycle challenge and work with clients to address this while considering alternatives.
      8. Additional knowledge and support on how to develop an entire coaching program. I was absolutely buzzing once I had created mine.

This way of coaching has also enabled me to develop and work with a different coaching model, one that is ore aligned to a holistic style of coaching that closely follows the C.O.A.C.H method. Cyclical School’s coaching education focuses on a whole person approach, one that provides an opportunity to develop trust and rapport. I found this teach suited my coaching style more comfortably and unsurprisingly also felt less clinical than my previous coaching studies.

I’ve since graduated my certification in Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching with a product and services to sell and can safely say I NOW have a coaching business I love that supports menstruators.

Meet our Guest Author

Amy Blakeman

Amy Blakeman – Cyclical School Graduate

Menstrual Cycle Coach


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