Cyclical Blog - Benefits of being a Menstrual Cycle Coach

Benefits of being a Menstrual Cycle Coach

Grow your career by incorporating Menstrual Cycle education into your current client and student sessions.

Are you passionate and deeply interested in learning about women’s health? Interested in conception, cycle tracking, everything related to periods and want to take this passion to the next level? If yes, then you’re in the right place! At Cyclical School, we have developed the World’s 1st certified menstrual cycle coaching course, enabling you to empower menstruators throughout their cycle, in every stage of life.

We’re here in the 21st century and we’ve landed in the era of menstrual recognition. Collectively we need educators and mentors to guide menstruators worldwide to awaken their inner cyclical nature. Right now we are being called to connect with our cycles and the demand for a period coaching is high. 

Menstrual cycle coaches play a crucial role in supporting menstrual cycle transitions, offering guidance and menstrual cycle awareness by understanding each unique persons cycle throughout all stages of life. From how stress, to sleep, to movement practices and our lifestyle impacts a fertility and a healthy.


What are the benefits of working as a menstrual cycle coach?

Becoming a menstrual cycle coach enables you to assist individuals to become empowered, live cyclically and achieve healthier cycles. Menstrual cycle coach training allows you to give customised support to each persons unique cycle, body and lifestyle. Guiding menstruators from cycle imbalances and periods they dread to embracing every phase of their cycles.

  • By training to become a certified menstrual cycle coach, you’ll be fully trained in the knowledge of the menstrual cycle from menarche to menopause to equipe you in supporting menstruators to live in more balance and harmony with their cycle and in turn, their lives.

  • By working as a menstrual cycle coach you’ll be empowered to address period shame, taboo and stigma with your community.

  • Menstrual cycle coaches customise cycle tracking and coaching sessions to assist clients with rebalancing cycle signs such as mood swings, emotional eating, body confidence, uncomfortable menstruation, PMS and lots more.

  • Menstrual cycle coaches guide clients to live harmoniously with the natural rhythm of their cycles by addressing eating habits, movement, emotions and lifestyle factors that often lead to cycle imbalances.

  • Period coaches guide and direct clients through each of the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle; menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal.

  • By becoming a coach yourself it draws you closer and deeper into your own menstrual cycle.

  • Menstrual Cycle Coaching also equips you with the skills to teach young adolescents, teens and tweens as they navigate puberty and the journey of their first period.

  • With the fast growing industry of women’s health globally, menstrual cycle coaching is a needed service that has the opportunity to expand into a lucrative business.

Ready to make a career out of your passion for menstrual cycle awareness or add cyclical education to your current career? Learn more about our upcoming enrolments at Cyclical School, and give yourself career a path that stands out!!

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