Combining Menstrual Cycle Coaching & Feminine Embodiment Coaching – Camilla Bowden

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a deep desire to work with women in some kind of healing capacity.

What I felt called to do more than anything was to work with women in a way that helped them reclaim their life, their vibrancy, and their bodies.

How I thought this would look has changed many times over the years. I’ve dabbled in many modalities but nothing truly felt like it landed for me until I found embodiment work, specifically feminine embodiment. The somatic practices that enabled me to slow down, tune in to my body and my inner world, were exactly what I had been missing and what I never knew I needed, and this has been the case for every woman I’ve worked with. In fact, a
common thread that revealed itself among these women was a disconnect from their cycle, and in some cases a complete rejection of their cyclical, feminine nature 
complementary modality to add to my Menstrual Cycle Coaching work.

Serendipitously, I stumbled upon Jema’s work and instantly knew that Menstrual Cycle Coaching was the obvious next step for me to further support myself and the women I work with. Learning about a woman’s cycle from the biology and hormones, to the energetic and spiritual aspects, has been a game-changer for me and the support I provide to my clients.

As a Feminine Embodiment Coach, I work with clients who are wanting support and guidance in a variety of areas of their life, with the common thread being that they want to feel more connection to their feminine essence and their body, and to unsubscribe from the ‘hustle’ and head-based masculine ‘push’ of the outside world. They are ready to do things differently.

Adding Menstrual Cycle Coaching to my toolkit has allowed me to support women to:

  • Adding Menstrual Cycle Coaching to my toolkit has allowed me to support women to:
  • Connect to the wisdom of their body in new and accessible ways
  • Understand their ebb and flow in energy throughout their cycle
  • Understand their different nutritional and exercise needs throughout their cycle
  • Understand ways they can structure their work and/or business activities according to their cycle
  • Bring more harmony and balance to their life, helping to alleviate cycle signs
  • Have more compassion and understanding for themselves in general
  • Understand that their body and their cyclical nature is not a burden but an incredible gift!

And so much more!

Whether you’re currently coaching women, regardless of modality, or looking to start working with women and menstruators, adding a Menstrual Cycle Coaching qualification will only add further value to the ways in which you can support your clients and bring a more multifaceted and holistic approach to your work.

Meet our Guest Author

Camilla Bowdern

Camilla Bowdern – Cyclical School Graduate

Feminine Embodiment and Cycle Coach

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