Inviting the Shamanic into Menstrual Coaching – Hailey Johnson

Inviting the Shamanic into Menstrual Cycle Coaching – Hailey Johnson

Menstrual cycle coaching is multifaceted, it can only reach its full potency when embracing the shamanic, or in other words, the innate wisdom of our body’s energetics and spirituality. 

This shamanic dimension brings in so many aspects of life that we can see that we are part of the seed of life not the result of. With this knowledge so many of our disruptions in our cycles that causes so much pain and discomfort are reconstructed into ease and even joy.

When we look at the shamanic aspects of the menstrual cycle, we aren’t just looking at the menstrual cycle alone we are looking at our life cycles, the cycles of the seasons, the cycle of the moon, the cycle of the sun, the cycle of the growth, and the cycle of our hormones. 

When we explore and compare all these together, we see the ebbs and flows in energetics.

Personally I combine these aspects with spirituality, thinking of our cycle as a pilgrimage. A journey to the depths of our souls in the form of deep rest and shedding. Through this pilgrimage we are a seed that grows, then blooms into a vibrant flower of life, yet it also must shed layers too. Like the leaves of trees as we turn into the compost, feeding our seed for our next cycle. 

This journey is a gift not a curse. 

The gift of a blood nest creation, a life raft, a womb.

To add another layer in, we invite in ritual. Ritualising our cycles as we do with the Sabbath days (Ostara, Beltane, Litha etc), also known as our solstices and equinoxes, like moon ceremonies, and even honouring the astral beings/stars, celebrations of life. 

Our lives are a ritual, inviting this into our menstrual cycle awareness shows our entire being that we are in awe of it, we honour it, respect it and love it.

If you feel the call to dive deeper into your own cycle, listen to your inner calling.

Your womb is ready.

Learn more about my Hailey’s work via the links below.

Meet our Guest Author

Hailey Johnson

Hailey Johnson – Cyclical School Graduate

Fertility, Natural Contraception & Menstruation Coach,
Traditional Postpartum Doula & Birth Educator

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