Saying Yes to Becoming a Menstrual Cycle Coach – Diana Wassef

I discovered Cyclical School’s founder Jema Lee through her amazing podcast called “The Well Woman Podcast” and let me tell you I’ve listened to every single episode. 

It’s an insightful, fun, knowledgeable, rich educational podcast for menstruators and their supporters. Reflecting on this takes me back to the very first time I landed here on the Cyclical School website back in early 2022. It was through one of Jema’s podcast episodes where I learnt about all the amazing trainings offered here at Cyclical School that triggered my interest in becoming a Menstrual Cycle Coach. Maybe I could do this too!

Later that year in September 2022 I enrolled in the Level 1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching Course and in June 2023 I began my Natural Contraception & Fertility Awareness Educator Training with the school to complete a complementary modality to add to my Menstrual Cycle Coaching work.

Since graduating as a Menstrual Cycle Coach my life has taken a wonderful spin. I’ve put into practice what I learnt through this course and it’s since been providing so much value to my communities already.

What I’ve achieved in my first few months as a Menstrual cycle Coach:

  • One month after I received my certification as a Menstrual Cycle Coach I received my first paying client.
  • I launched both my business and website a couple of months after graduating
  • I’ve led multiple free workshops in Lebanon & Egypt where I live to raise awareness around the menstrual cycle. These were so juicy that my intention for 2024 is to offer at least one free workshop a month!
  • I’ve shared my free menstrual cycle tracker with over 100 of women & have received such amazing feedback on how much it’s been supporting them in tracking their cycle and becoming aware of the patterns that occur each cycle.
  • I’ve became 100% independent in tracking my own fertility through cervical mucus, cervical height under the Billings Method and confidently identifying my peak fertile window as taught in this course here. While it’s a professional based course, it provides so much personal development too, all things you too can learn through this training.

My hope is that this inspires you to follow your dreams too. Anything is possible and if an article like this existed back in September 2022 I would’ve loved to have read how fellow Cyclical School graduates were creating ripple effects in the menstrual world.

And now I’m one of those graduates doing just that.

What I’ve come to realise is that we are all worthy of creating a cyclical businesses that serve others and ourselves. If this is what your heart is desiring, or perhaps Menstrual Cycle Coaching has been calling you, may this be the sign that this course provides all you need to get started in business as a Menstrual Cycle Coach.

Meet our Guest Author

Diana Wassef

Diana Wassef – Cyclical School Graduate

Menstrual Cycle Coach, Natural Contraception &
Fertility Educator, Sustainable Fashion Designer

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