Meet the Guest Teachers

To further deepen your cyclical understanding and awareness beyond the menstrual cycle throughout our courses we invite world-renowned guest teachers covering a wide variety of topics to support you and your knowledge base.

Meet our Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Guest Teachers

Rosie Rees


Yoni & Self Pleasure Care

Rosie’s class includes:

– Yoni biology/introduction
– How having a healthy Yoni relationship supports a healthy menstrual cycle
– Tips on Yoni Self Care (self care)
– How our yoni awakens our feminine energy (eg. Connect with the yoni and awaken your feminine energy)
– Importance of Yoni Self Pleasure (if there’s time, how to start a yoni self pleasure practice)

Rosie Rees - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course
About Rosie:

After ditching her vibrator in 2013, Rosie decided to create an online shop dedicated to slowing down self pleasure and prioritising pelvic floor wellness. What started with a simple Jade Egg practice transformed into designing bespoke pleasure wands and de-amouring tools for women with differing pelvic needs and pleasure desires. As a modern day nudist, Rosie also believes that spending more time naked on the yoga mat creates a healthier body image and improves our beliefs and perceptions about our body.

Rosie’s coaching sessions are transformational experiences bringing women in closer connection with their Yoni, which lead to more empowering sexual experiences with themselves and their partner.

Holliea Fairleigh, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course

Holliea Fairleigh


Sacred Menstruation &
Ancient Womens Practices

Holliea’s class includes:

– Sacred Menstruation
– Herstory
– Sacred women’s rituals for the menstrual cycle
– Healing blood shame
– Cultivating sacred practices in our cycle

About Holliea:

Holliea’s soul’s purpose is to guide women back to their own Innate healing wisdom, the ancient knowledge that is locked up within them. To empower women to be their own healers, to show them the way to connect back to the radiant, flowing feminine essence, to know their own bodies better than anyone. To have a deep trust in the womb’s processes, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and birth. Holliea believes that our body has all the tools to heal, we just have to listen.

Amber Hawken


Coaching Mindset

Amber’s class includes:

– Co-creation process for manifestation
– Meeting imposter syndrome
– Mastering your mindset in business
– Breathing practices for business creatives
– Protecting your energy while servicing clients

Amber Hawken - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course
About Amber:
A speaker, writer and teacher. Amber is mostly, just boldly facetious and is one of my dearest friends. Amber is a conscious-driven human shaping conscious leaders and shifting cultures using mindfulness, meditation and mindset. On paper she’s a Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist and Yoga Teacher but above all she’s just a fricking amazing human.
Nura Rachelle, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course

Nura Rachelle


Moon Cycles: Confluence of Cosmic + Embodied Wisdom

Nura’s class includes:

– Conceptual framework of lunar + planetary cycle tracking
– Cosmic awareness to your personal cycle
– Practical strategies + rituals to support the grounding of this knowledge into your daily lived experience
– Embodied lunar self-awareness

About Nura:
Nura Rachelle is a professional astrologer who draws from many knowledge branches including evolutionary, esoteric and traditional western astrology for deepening self-awareness. She integrates herbalism, movement practices and intuitive skill-building in her counseling and educational work. Embodiment of purpose and everyday soul realization is at the core of Nura’s offerings, and her focus on simplicity of daily ritual grounds cosmic wisdom in clarity of action.

Melissa Vranjes


Sex and Your Cycle

Melissa’s class includes:

– Sexual desire throughout your menstrual cycle
– Sexual tips to anchor into each phase of your cycle so that you stay connected to your pleasure
– How to have really epic period sex
– The difference between desire and libido

Melissa Vranjes - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course
About Melissa:

Melissa Vranjes is an internationally Certified Holistic Sex Coach based in New Zealand. She is deeply passionate about teaching women how to feel liberated in their sex lives, fulfilled in their relationships and confident in the bedroom. After attending a sexuality workshop in Bali 6 years ago she realised a huge gap in the wellbeing space – sex! With a passion and mission to make sex more mainstream, she travelled the globe and trained with world-class sexuality teachers, somatic sexologists and embodiment coaches. She is internationally recognised and has been featured in Grazia Croatia, Australian Women’s Health Magazine, YahooLifestyle and Fashion Quarterly here in New Zealand. Melissa supports hundreds of women to step past the fear and shame that sex brings and feel unbounded with the possibility of their sexuality and relationships.

Meah Robertson

Meah Robertson


Nutrition for a Healthy Cycle

Meah’s class includes:

– Root cause of hormone imbalances
– Healthy hormones through food and lifestyle
– Key micronutrients for a healthy cycle
– Essential herbs for hormone imbalances


About Meah:
Meah Robertson is an experienced Naturopathic Physician and has been specialising in women’s health & integrative natural medicine in clinical practice since 2006. Meah loves educating and empowering women to live happier, healthier lives and frequently gives talks and hosts seminars/workshops specific for women’s health.

Meet our Level 2, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Guest Teachers

Jane Hardwicke Collings


Shamanic Cycles & Red Thread Lineage

Jane’s class includes:

 Exploring the wisdom of Nature’s cycles
– Discover a females life seasons
– How the lunar cycle and the Earth’s seasons influence you
– Female Rites of Passage
– Combining Shamanic Womancraft and the menstrual cycle

Jane Hardwicke Collings - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course
About Jane:
Jane Hardwicke Collings is a post menopausal grandmother. She was an intensive care and operating theatre nurse, and then a homebirth midwife for 30 years. Now her work focuses on teaching the Women’s Mysteries and writing about them. She gives workshops on mother and daughter preparation for menstruation, the spiritual practice of menstruation, and the sacred and shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, birth and menopause. Jane has been fighting on the front line of women’s liberation in Australia for decades. Her work is liberation through feminine knowledge, blood mysteries, birth empowerment, rites of passage, and the sacred dimensions of pregnancy, birth and menopause. Jane founded and runs the School of Shamanic Womancraft, an international women’s mysteries school. In her words, she is working for the goddess.
Amber Whittington - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course

Amber Whittington


Social Media Strategy & Growth

Amber’s class includes:

 Using social media to grow your business
– Choosing the right platforms for you
– Content Strategy (types of content, what you should be posting, how often, content repurposing)
– Using your UVP to communicate your messaging
– Instagram stories

About Amber:
Amber Whittington is a Marketing Professional, specialising in organic social media strategy. She uses her expertise within social media marketing to transform coaches into influential leaders online by combining powerful marketing, branding and messaging strategies. She supports brands in establishing the foundations and tools to grow a standout brand using content that converts.

Meet our Natural Contraception & Fertility Awareness Educator Guest Teachers

Jane Hardwicke Collings


Sacred Spiritual Conception


Jane’s class includes:

 Spiritual practice of conception
– Sacred Rituals for Conception
– Lunar cycle phase return and Lunar Fertility
– Female Archetypes
– How to practice Conscious Conception

Jane Hardwicke Collings - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course
About Jane:
Jane Hardwicke Collings is a post menopausal grandmother. She was an intensive care and operating theatre nurse, and then a homebirth midwife for 30 years. Now her work focuses on teaching the Women’s Mysteries and writing about them. She gives workshops on mother and daughter preparation for menstruation, the spiritual practice of menstruation, and the sacred and shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, birth and menopause. Jane has been fighting on the front line of women’s liberation in Australia for decades. Her work is liberation through feminine knowledge, blood mysteries, birth empowerment, rites of passage, and the sacred dimensions of pregnancy, birth and menopause. Jane founded and runs the School of Shamanic Womancraft, an international women’s mysteries school. In her words, she is working for the goddess.

Jessica Hewett


Acupuncture & TCM for Optimal Fertility

Jessica’s class includes:

 TCM Dietary Theory
– TCM and the Menstrual Cycle
– Yin & Yang energies and their connection to the cycle
– Blood deficiency and cycle phase support
– Key TCM factors for conception

About Jess:
Jess is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Jess has always had a passion and interest in fertility and women’s health. She has developed her skills and understanding in these areas by taking on postgraduate education as well as attending numerous workshops to further expand her knowledge and modalities in the area of women’s health and fertility. In 2016 her clinic Nuwa Natural Healthwas birthed and it is here where all the magic happens. Treatments at the clinic combine Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Massage and Womb Healing practices to assist and support women on their healing journey as well as providing them with a more in depth understanding of their body’s biography.

Become a Menstrual Cycle Coach

What our Graduates say...

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Graduate Student
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Graduate Student
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Graduate Student


To achieve certification and international accreditation, simply complete our Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching program by actively participating and fulfilling all the required submissions and assessments.

All 3 of our courses are delivered digitally and virtually online. All lessons, classes, live calls, coaching calls, and materials are delivered via Zoom. Additional resources and, class notes, worksheet and assessments are provided in downloadable in PDF form. Course calls will take place on Zoom, with replays available for all classes for the duration of each course.

Certainly! You absolutely can study all of our courses online. All courses at Cyclical School are fully virtual courses with live recordings available for you to re-watch or catch up on. While we offer courses online, we highly encourage students to participate in live classes. We believe that active engagement enhances the learning experience. This is why we have a 40% live class attendance requirement to ensure you get the most out of all of our courses.

We aim to host an intake of each of our courses each calendar yet. While we don't have set dates for upcoming years please rest assured that if you wish to join a future round or find out when dates may be released, please join our newsletter list at the bottom of this page.

We are beyond excited to bring to you course's that will certify you as an accredited Menstrual Cycle Coach upon completing and submitting course criteria for Level 1 and Level 2. As well as for our Natural Contraception & Fertility Educator Awareness Training. All of our courses are IICT Training Provider (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies) and IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) approved course certifying course graduates in 38 countries around the world.

Yes, all 3 of our courses are certified and associated with IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). Once students have received their certification they'll be able to use this certification and register for Insurance and Association within the 38+ countries listed around the world. We cover the how's to this inside each course. To learn more about the countries covered for the each individual course please visit each courses information page on our website to read through the certifying countries lists.

The following countries currently recognise Cyclical School and the modality of Menstrual Cycle Coaching and Natural Contraception & Fertility Awareness Educators. Within these listed countries professional business insurance is covered;

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (For Level 1 and Level 2 only) Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA (For Level 1 and Level 2 only) .

*Regardless of where one lives in the world if they complete the course and receive certification from this course they will have the skills to coach on the menstrual cycle.

For all courses we recommend allowing approximately 3-5 hours per week. Our courses are mostly made up of live online teaching calls via virtual classrooms which are conducted weekly throughout each of the courses. We recommend to schedule the 2 hours into your week at minimum to join our live class or watch our class replays. Outside of this, are courses also include partner exercises, coaching calls and encourages self-study which can add additional 1-3 hours to your weekly course time.

Each course hosts live calls once weekly. With students from all over the world we host these calls alternatively between two different time slots, once per week. Because of this we understand that there will be some classes that students may not be able to attend live in their normal awake hours. Class times are equally spread across 10:00am AEST and 6:00pm AEST.

All courses are completely virtual and all classes are recorded so if you're unable to attend a class there will be replays available for the length of the course. Outside of the classes there will be LOTS of support inside our Facebook Group 24/7. Our courses are firstly live taught courses, please note we recommend a minimum 40% attendance on live calls.

Yes, there are assessments and tests conducted during each course, with Final Practical Assessments due on completion of the course. Each courses assessments are designed to be completed in conjunction with course semesters. You'll receive guidance and teaching on assessments topics and questions throughout our live classes. All classes are available for reply.

Yes there are training manuals, workbooks and class notes included with in all of our courses. These apply for each courses semesters along with other additional handouts here and there. Each of these are available for PDF and printable, alternatively you can use them electronically too.

We want you to get the most out of each of our courses and become a fully equipped educators and coached. Each course offers both teachers, guest teacher and admin support. Additionally, our Lead Teacher Jema conducts all live class calls, along with an Active Support Trainer available within our Private Facebook Group community and online training platform too.

Post course support for graduates includes automatic inclusion in our Cyclical School global Alumni Facebook Community Group. All students who have completed their course by attending live classes, and submitting their Semester requirements will be added to this exclusive community. This alumni network serves as a platform for ongoing connections, shared experiences, and continued community support within this ever growing community. Additionally, the current course cohort community Facebook Group students are already a member of will transition into a valuable peer group following the conclusion of the last live class. 

All courses are led and trained by our Lead Trainer Jema Lee, an expert women’s Menstrual Cycle, Natural Fertility and Contraception Educator and Coach. Jema holds a Diploma in coaching with over 10 years of coaching experience. Her approach makes learning about the menstrual cycle and supporting menstruators fun! With a combined 17+ years in the health industry, she's equipped to positively guide you through each course. We also have a team of support trainers who support inside our online communities and through our student admin inbox too.

Having a menstrual experience at some stage of your life supports both understanding and integrating this work to support others. While it's not necessary to be currently bleeding during this course. Having a personal knowledge and experience in menstruating is essential.

If you are a non menstruator who has interest in Menstrual Education knowledge, note we are working on a self paced CPD approved short course for everyone.

No. Our courses are for both those starting out in this field and potentially transitioning from a previous career path, as well as those already working in other health/healing modalities or as coaches. We have specifically designed our courses to support both those already in business, as well as those starting out.

No. It's important to be clear that our Level 1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching training course does not include or teach natural fertility or contraception methods. This course does not certify you to teach others on natural contraception or natural fertility awareness methods. However we do a  have a Natural Contraception & Fertility Educator Awareness Course, here to learn more.

Our courses are not tailored to a specific or particular religion. While we may talk briefly about different religions' approaches to the menstrual cycles in Q&A's this is not a topic that will be ‘taught’. Why? We encourage our students to have their own spiritual beliefs and to be a coach or educator (purpose of this course) religion preference do not matter. All taught coaching elements can be applied to any religion with tweeks here and there.

No prior cyclical knowledge is required.

You'll be able to begin coaching as soon as you become certified and receive your certificate. Your certification marks an important milestone, and once you feel confident and prepared, you can begin making a positive impact on the lives of those you coach.

Yes. We offer this support in our Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching course. During Semester 2 of this course, we delve into coaching aspects that serve as a valuable guide to help you gain a deeper understanding of the coaching process and how coaching sessions operate. While in Semester 3 we delve into the business aspect of running a coaching business, networking, marketing and reaching clients. Touching on finances, marketing and connecting. Alongside the wonderful community of like-minded students who also share your passion and vision for helping others embrace their menstrual cycle, a place you’ll find inspiration, ideas, and collaboration opportunities.

The earning potential as a coach can vary depending on several factors, but the possibilities are endless! It depends on factors such as; your niche, location, level of expertise, client base, and the value you provide. Starting out, it's common to gradually build your practice. As you gain experience and establish a reputation, your income too can grow and be uncapped.

Our main focus in Level 1 is on providing comprehensive training in Menstrual Cycle Coaching. While we won't be covering topics related to becoming a parenting coach, a health coach, or spirituality coach, we do offer insight to working with and coaching teens on menstrual cycle education. We're excited to support you in becoming a confident and knowledgeable Menstrual Cycle Coach!

We recommend budgeting $5,000-$5,500 AUD. For those residing in Australia, please note that GST will be applicable. We understand that investing in your education is important, which is why we offer flexible monthly payment plans. This way, you can comfortably manage your budget while embarking on this transformative learning journey.

If you choose a payment plan after paying the deposit, your monthly payments will begin in the following month on the same date. Depending on your payment plan option, 6, 12 or 18 months, payments will be automatically deducted on a monthly basis for the duration of your payment plan.

Yes we do. These policies are well documented in our Terms & Conditions. To revisit these please visit your relative courses Terms & Conditions here.

Yes. Through our partnership with and our ongoing dedication to global menstrual cycle awareness for menstruators of all ages and circumstances we are able to offer 2 scholarships per Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Course round. These scholarships are offered to women and those whom identify as women who are either indigenous, of colour, have a disability, from a developing country, at-risk or from the LGBTQ+ community. Recognising the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, learn and work locally and globally we offer scholarships to indigenous women as a priority. If you would otherwise be unable to attend, you may learn more and apply for a scholarship here.

Feel free to reach out, and book a student discovery call with our Lead Teacher Jema. We'd love to hear from you. Email us directly at admin (at) to set this up.

Learn more about our Courses

Jema Lee, Menstrual Cycle Teacher, Educator and Writer

Meet Jema

Lead Teacher & Cyclical School Founder

Jema Lee is an expert women’s menstrual cycle educator and coach, daytime mermaid and a plant mum devoted to helping women confidently connect and awaken their own intrinsic cyclical nature. Known for her integrity, warmth, no-gimmick analogy-filled approach to un-boxing your health honestly, Jema makes periods FUN! As she guides and supports women from over 30 countries around the world navigate their menstrual cycle through one-on-one coaching virtually, online courses, intimate events and retreats.

With over 16 years’ experience in the health industry, Jema’s training in Women’s Health, Natural Fertility Methods and Awareness, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Psychology, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and countless short courses has equipped her with the tools that bring her unique approach to coaching on the menstrual cycle to life for menstruators of all ages.

Known for her Well Woman Podcast, a podcast show about poo, periods and sex where she brings to life taboo, awkward and vulnerable conversations. Passionate about rewriting the menstrual story for future menstruators Jema’s also the creator of Cyclical, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course. Daily you’ll find her on Instagram, outdoor adventuring, surrounded by family, on her yoga mat or within her signature group coaching membership, the Well Woman Academy. Apply to work with her, here.

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