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What is Menstrual Cycle Coaching?

Can A Menstrual Cycle Coach Help?

If you love everything about the menstrual cycle, cyclical living, and generally helping women, you’ve landed in the right place. You now have the opportunity to take your passion to a new embodied level. Is now your time support menstruators of all ages and become a menstrual cycle coach?

Many of us grew up in households and communities that didn’t acknowledge or treat menstruation as the right of passage it is. Instead we’ve been shamed, criticised and labelled. Even still to this day certain cultures still treat the menstrual cycle and its challenges unenthusiastically. 

But times have changed, and now is the time to create even more change. To embrace, recognise and support the natural cycle of menstruation. The world needs more menstrual cycle coaches to create awareness and guide menstruators worldwide. Coaches bridge the gap to support menstruators in understanding, empowering and embracing their cyclical nature. 

Feeling the call to offer services and support in this way? Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a coach.


What Is Menstrual Cycle Coaching? 

Unlike the past 100 years, the menstrual cycle as a whole, along with menstruation are no longer taboo topics. We’re finally bringing these conversations into our daily lives, over meals, in the community and within relationships. We now have forums, programs, podcasts, and social media discussing menstrual imbalances such as irregular cycles, missing periods, (amenorrhea), irregular menstrual bleeding, spotting, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and lots more. The world needs this shift!  

But menstruation challenges are unique to every individual. While many menstruators feel lost and, like Dr Google, still have them searching for answers, we have great news. Menstrual cycle education and support is now becoming more regularly available.

Isn’t that what every menstruator desires? To be able to talk to someone who not only understands their menstrual cycle challenges but also has the knowledge to support and guide you into your cyclical nature. 

Menstrual cycle coaching is about helping menstruators understand and accept their bodies and apply the simple changes they can implement to start to live more cyclically in full acknowledgment of their body and cycle. We live in a world with beauty standards being size zero and “polite” beauty, where periods are commercialised in a way that normalises period pain, pre-menstrual PMS, and countless other cycle signs.

Yet what if commercialisation has it all wrong? If you’re reading this, you most likely believe, hell yes, they do. Periods aren’t designed to be painful, dismissed, or shunned. This is why we need more period coaches and menstrual advocates guiding menstruators back into their own natural intrinsic cyclical rhythm.


Are Menstrual Cycle Coaches needed?

While menstrual coaching is yet to hit mainstream there is a collective calling for more menstrual cycle support and awareness around the cycle as a whole and how to live cyclically. 

However it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves. With Cyclical School’s Menstrual Cycle Coaching courses accredited in over 38 different countries worldwide by 2 different governing bodies, IICT and IPHM. By studying with an accredited course and receiving your certification like Cyclical School, you’ll be equipped to grow and launch your business with the security of receiving recognised business insurance through these accrediting bodies within the recognised countries.

Our teachers and in depth period coaching school can help you become a go-to leader for menstruators and women who experience menstrual cycle imbalances and challenges. 


What Do You Learn in Cyclical Schools Menstrual Cycle Courses? 

While there are many benefits to enrolling in a menstrual cycle course such as Cyclical School, here are our top reasons: 

  • Intimate learning circles with students from across 12+ different countries
  • Learn and deeply comprehend cyclical study
  • Invaluable discussions and live group chats
  • Access to study guides and class notes
  • Dedicated online learning platform
  • Online study and group live zoom calls
  • Opportunity to join the menstrual cycle collective
  • Practical exercises
  • Learn from world class teachers
  • In depth menstrual cycle education
  • Coaching opportunities and principles


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