What's included in our Natural Contraception & Fertility Awareness Course

What’s included, Natural Contraception & Fertility Awareness Training

Considering adding in fertility or contraception support into your clients sessions but unsure on where to start? Training in natural contraceptive methods and fertility will amplify your practice. At Cyclical School we are proud to announce that in 2023 we have created and launched a Natural Contraception and Fertility Awareness 13 week course designed to equip you in supporting clients with the knowledge and necessary skills to take a positive control of their reproductive health and support informed choices. A training that is divided into two semesters, with each semester covering different aspects of reproductive health and natural contraception.

In the first semester, we cover the history of menstrual cycle contraception and fertility. This provides a foundation for understanding the various contraceptive methods available and their effectiveness. We focus on equipping you with a practical understanding of all the many different types of contraceptive methods to best support your clients in making informed contraception goals that empower through awareness to make informed, aligned, and supported choices that best serve them now and well into the future.

The second semester delves deeper into natural contraception and fertility awareness. Introducing the concept second ovulation and lunar fertility, providing insight and awareness of the wider reproductive cycle. The modules in this semester cover the time to conception, how to chart, and preconception care. We also explore how coaching principles can support natural fertility methods for menstruators and their partners at all different stages of life. This semester is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of natural contraception methods and how to guide your clients in easily applying them.

Throughout this 3 month training, we equip you with the skills to identify menstrual cycle imbalances and support clients in transitioning off hormonal contraception. Teaching you how to define methods of natural fertility awareness, including the mucus method, BBT temperature method, rhythm method, and more. Supporting you in gaining a broad and practical knowledge of both male and female reproductive health, enabling you to support clients fertility and infertility challenges.

This training has been specifically structured to equip you in understanding natural contraception methods for all stages of life, from menarche (first period) to menopause. We incorporate a holistic approach to your practice utilizing the entire 4-Pillar Cyclical Theory. This approach helps you to incorporate new client-centered coaching skills into your current health practices.

It’s important to note that our courses do not equip you to diagnose, prescribe or read hormonal imbalances, including blood tests. We do not provide clinical in-depth biology of the endocrine system, and in this course specifically we do not teach you how to launch a business. We cover that in our Level 1 Coaching training, here. We also do not qualify you in TCM, Acupuncture, or Shamanism.

If you’re considering supporting clients in knowing how to identify ovulation successfully, achieve or avoid conception, or transition off hormonal birth control training in natural contraception is essential and empowering.

To learn more about our next intake and how to add this modality to your current women’s health focused business, whether you’re a menstrual cycle coach, naturopath, nutritionist, holistic health coach, acupuncturist or osteopath this training will add to your current patient centered practice in a empowering way.

Learn more about this course and register your interest here

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