Become a Internationally Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course

Over an intimate 6 months together we guide our students in becoming authentic, confident and real Menstrual Cycle Coaches. This course covers three important facets of becoming a menstrual cycle coach, from the in depth menstrual cycle functioning to core essential facets of coaching right through to niching, creating and launching your own coaching business.

A course that includes;

– 6 month cyclical study and growth container

– Intimate group of women

– Self paced guided study

 Dedicated online learning platform

– Live Group Study Zoom calls

– Live Group Coaching Zoom calls

– Guest teachers on Nutrition, Astrology, Energy, Sex, Self Pleasure and more.

– Practical exercises

– Coaching principles and coaching opportunities

– Business teachings and workshops to help you succeed

– Private Facebook Group


Semester 1 - Menstrual Cycle

  • The Menstrual cycle (why have a cycle)
  • The Endocrine system
  • Cycle Hormones
  • The hallmark of a healthy woman
  • Biology of a Yoni
  • Cycle Tracking
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Identifying abnormalities in cycle charts
  • The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
  • The Inner Seasons
  • Cyclical Eating Seasonally
  • Cyclical Movement Seasonally
  • Cyclical changes in moods, mindset and productivity
  • Stress Cycles
  • Emotional impact on women’s health
  • Trauma’s role in health
  • Menstrual cycle taboos and shame
  • Menarche
  • Cycle Transitions: Menarche to Menopause
  • Supporting women without a bleed (pregnancy, lactating, amenorrhea)
  • Contraception (birth control), Fertility & Conception
  • Ancient / Modern Connection
  • The evolution of the menstrual cycle throughout the lifetime
  • Cycle routines and rituals
  • Feminine and Masculine roles in the menstrual cycle
  • Cycle imbalances and root causes: PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, Infertility
  • Supporting Cycle Signs and PMS (difficult periods, heavy periods, cramping)
  • Holistic remedies: herbs, supplements, nutrition.

Semester 2 - Coaching

  • What is a coach
  • Roles of a coach
  • Goal as a coach
  • Knowing your why as a coach – what is your story?
  • Applying Coaching principles
  • Scope of Practice (what you can and can’t say/do)
  • Building rapport
  • Boundaries
  • Behavioural change and Observations
  • Beliefs and Triggers
  • Understanding the process of Change
  • Creating new cycle paradigms
  • Implementing strategies
  • The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
  • The Inner Seasons
  • Cyclical Eating Seasonally
  • Cyclical Movement Seasonally
  • Cyclical changes in moods, mindset and productivity
  • Coaching one on one
  • Coaching groups; teachers, corporates, families, women
  • Coaching within events
  • Creating a coaching course
  • Coaching in person or online
  • Client Management (i.e. risk prevention and protocols, client intake forms, being trauma informed)
  • Fear and Trauma
  • Legalities of Coaching; Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Establishing client support network

Semester 3 - Business

  • Your Menstrual Cycle Coaching Vision
  • Defining Success as a coach
  • Obstacles + Deal Breakers
  • Coaching Must Haves
  • Your Unique Niche – Niching
  • Money Mindset
  • Finacial Fears
  • business Tension and Triggers
  • Income opportunities as a Menstrual Cycle Coach
  • Knowing your business numbers
  • Your Ideal client, client profile
  • Creating coaching offerings
  • Products and Services
  • Crafting your Vision
  • Your Authentic Personality
  • Femininity vs. Masculinity in Business
  • Branding
  • Your Message
  • Connection, meeting clients and expanding your network
  • Authenticity
  • Marketing
  • Spreading your message
  • Productivity, cycle syncing your business with your cycle
  • Coaching tools for success
  • Launching

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