The World's 1st Certified Menstrual Cycle Coaching Course

Have a deep love, desire & passion for women’s health?

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Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification with Jema Lee

Normalising Menstruation, Creating a world of Cyclical Awareness and Globally Educated Menstruators.

38+ Different Countries
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Changing Menstruators Lives
Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee


Cyclical School

Become a Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach with our 6-month online course. Created for coaches, healers and menstrual enthusiasts who are passionate about supporting menstruators in understanding and reconnecting with their menstrual cycles at all stages of life.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification, Jema Lee

Find a Cycle Coach

Cyclical Coaching (work with a coach)​

Work with an experienced Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach to support you in better understanding your cycle, how to live cyclically and apply menstrual cycle awareness to your life for a healthy and vibrant cycle, all cycle long.

“Jema’s coach that encompasses it all. Her teachings blow me away every time including nutritional, physical, emotional, spiritual and rnergetic elements. i alwasys fell abundantly supported and as if she knows exactly what i need next in my journey.”

- Tara Louise Bailey

Meet our founder
Jema Lee

Menstrual Cycle expert, qualified Natural Fertility Educator, Ayurvedic Coach, Podcast Host, Author and the creator of Cyclical School.

Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification with Jema Lee

Jema Lee is an expert women’s menstrual cycle educator and coach, daytime mermaid and a plant mum devoted to helping women confidently connect and awaken their own intrinsic cyclical nature. Known for her integrity, warmth, no-gimmick analogy-filled approach to un-boxing your health honestly, Jema makes periods FUN! As she guides and supports women from over 30 countries around the world navigate their menstrual cycle through one-on-one coaching virtually, online courses, intimate events and retreats.

With over 16 years’ experience in the health industry, Jema’s training in Women’s Health, Natural Fertility Methods and Awareness, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Psychology, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and countless short courses has equipped her with the tools that bring her unique approach to coaching on the menstrual cycle to life for menstruators of all ages.

Women living in alignment with their menstrual cycles as cyclical women, how nature intended will not only transform individuals, but more importantly the global feminine collective.” – Jema Lee

What our students say...

“I’ve spent the last few days working on bringing down my nervous system. Meditation, breath work, relaxing music, moving my body, more conscious food choices..and my period finally came after 45 long days! I now know that it’s more about the ovulation than the bleed so I know I have work to do…but what better time to be armed with all the knowledge and wisdom in this course to get a good start! Thank you Jema for accepting me into this course. This work is priceless!”

– Carly, United Kingdom

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you Jem for creating this course and allowing us to be a part of it. I feel so empowered and cannot believe how incredible it is!! As an ‘almost’ naturopath and being obsessed with research/science over the last 4 years through my degree, I know the ins and outs of biochemical functioning, hormonal pathways and the interconnected systems but I forget that most people don’t understand or need that much information to take hold of their health ! We actually don’t need all that complex sciencey stuff to empower people to understand the magic of their body. Your passion is infectious and I am so excited for this course!”

– T’Keyah, Australia​

“Just watched the Module 2’s replay. I loved the science of the last module, but the practicality of this one was so so good. I love how you always sprinkle in coaching examples of how to talk to clients, it puts the info in a relevant context. Loved the parts where you talked about introducing cycle tracking to young girls, it’s something that would really cultivate sisterhood and body positivity.”

– Jumana, Australia

“I am loving the course and having so much fun doing all the assessments! Pretty much on top of things but lots of loose ends to review and tidy up. Also after our call with Rosie I want to re-do my yoni drawing to be less perfect! Free the wildness of the labia! I am so excited for the coaching segment! I feel like you’ve already offered so many gems, and I can’t wait to dive deeper!”

– Rachel, New Zealand

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Join our 2023 Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification waitlist.​

By being on the waitlist you’ll receive early bird opportunities, Cyclical School news and releases.

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