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Needing cycle support? Our graduates are currently in training. If you wish to dive into working with a coach for your own Menstrual Cycle our Head Coach Jema is available for consultation bookings here.

Jema’s trainings include:

Food Science Formulator (nutritional manufacturing of 7 years)

Certified Advanced Teacher in Natural Fertility Education (Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Certified Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia)

Certified Nutrition Coach (Well College Global)

Certified Ayurveda Transformation Coach (Live to Serve Academy)

School of the Modern Mystic – Chakra School (Belinda Davidson)

Medical Intuitive Course (Belinda Davidson)

Ayurvedic Psychology (Live to Serve Academy)

Womb Wisdom Retreat and Embodiment

Certified Hormone Educator  (IWHI)

Menstrual Cycle Literacy and Menarche (Red School)

Certified Meditation + Pranayama Teacher

Jema Lee Menstrual Cycle Coach, Menstrual Cycle Coach Training

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