How I Work in Flow with my Menstrual Cycle - Kimberly Thorne

How I ‘Work in Flow’ with my Menstrual Cycle – Kimberly Thorne

Do you experience a fluctuation in your motivation, creativity, and energy levels from day to day? Have you ever considered that your menstrual cycle might be the hidden influence behind these variations?

In today’s fast-paced, patriarchal society, menstrual cycles often go unnoticed. Unlike men, who experience a consistent, daily, hormonal cycle; people with a menstrual cycle go through a cyclical journey, similar to the moon’s phases, impacting energy, mood, and productivity across four phases.

As a menstrual cycle coach graduate, I realised the traditional 9-5 work structure didn’t align with my cyclical nature. So, I made the intention to work in my business using an approach I like to call “Work in Flow.”  It involves adjusting certain work and productivity tasks to align with my menstrual cycle phases.

Why do I prefer to Work in Flow?

  • Boosts productivity, energy, and creativity
  • Fosters a deeper connection with my body
  • Creates cyclical structure and routines
  • Reduces stress and promotes a balanced work environment
  • Prioritise rest and self-care, preventing burnout
  • I can achieve more in less time
Here’s how I set up my menstrual cycle coaching business by Working in Flow?

Menstrual Phase:

  • Update my Google Calendar to include my menstruation days. This helps me plan for the upcoming cycle and map out the four phases
  • Reflect and review my ongoing projects
  • Take lots of breaks!

Follicular Phase:

  • Embrace my increased creativity and energy levels to brainstorm content, marketing ideas and session plans
  • Start a new project like website design or client resources
  • Seek inspiration from op shops, galleries, or nature

Ovulation Phase:

  • Leverage my high confidence by showing up online and connecting with others
  • Write content or social media posts for the month
  • Launch new resources or products

Luteal Phase:

  • Focus on editing, reviewing, and fine-tuning, as I notice missed details during this phase
  • Tackle bookkeeping or administrative tasks.
  • This is my time to get sh!t done and push to wrap up any outstanding projects

The first step to practicing “Work in Flow” is tracking your menstrual cycle and understanding the four phases’ impact on your productivity. You can then adapt your routines, and work tasks to maximise YOUR potential during each phase.

Meet our Guest Author

Kimberly Thorne - Menstrual Cycle Coaching Graduate

Kimberly Thorne – Cyclical School Graduate

Menstrual Cycle Educator and Coach

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