How Menstrual Cycle Coaching can Change the World - the Bloody Revolution! - Linnea Ernst

How Menstrual Cycle Coaching can Change the World – the Bloody Revolution! – Linnea Ernst

I am 100% positive you are utterly and completely in love with your menstruation. Who isn’t, right?

Not quite there yet? 
Let me set this straight, PMS and period pain are common, but are not normal experiences. Nature doesn’t make mistakes and pain is required in nature to provide us signals that something is, off. 
In these circumstances most of us make the unconscious decision to silence our cycle signs with painkillers over listening to the body.

Hi, I’m Linnea. I am not only a certified Menstrual Cycle Coach with Cyclical School, but also a Psychology Student, a Couples & Sex Therapist, a certified Yoga teacher, author and podcast host. In love with all taboo topics, my mission is to create a stronger world together, to creating a new menstrual normal. 

While studying all of these topics, I discovered;

You are a cyclical being, after all menstrual cycles are the reason why humankind exists in the first place. Our menstrual rituals make history and have created a united womanhood on a level that is beyond the mind. A place where hearts from all over the world unite.

This came true for me since I started studying the menstrual cycle here in Cyclical School‘s Level 1, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Training. Menstruators from all over the world, different ages, different backgrounds, came together to learn about what we all share, a cycle. I witnessed students who once weren’t into the spiritual dimension of the cycle, have tears in their eyes as we united in Cyclical community and circle together.

No matter what your current cycle looks like, what your past beliefs about periods or menstruation are or how often you’ve cursed it – reclaiming your cycle, living a cyclical life without PMS and unbearable pain is not only possible, but is also your birth right.

How can menstrual cycle awareness change the world?

Once the journey of connecting with your cyclical nature begins, many things can occur. You begin listening to yourself, having compassion for your needs and feelings, connecting to a greater source of wisdom within. Feeling a stronger bond not just to yourself but to all other cyclical beings too. 

In doing so you no longer wait for pain to tell you something is off. Instead you allow yourself to tell you what’s best for you, and in time you slowly but surely become your own best cycle guide. This transition is life changing.

This is damn exciting and empowering!

No longer are you lost in marketing or scrolling for the best advice on social media. Instead from cycle to cycle you learn to guide yourself through the ebbs and flows of your cycle and life. It’s with this attitude that you don’t just influence yourself, but do so for others around you too.

Sticking to your own path and journey, following your body, it’s education and insight, in time you become your bodies own compass. This is where the Bloody Revolution begins, with self.

As a Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach, following this experience of reconnecting and awakening to the cyclical nature, you’ll naturally see others who ask you how you made this transition; How did you discover your cycle, your body and your cyclical nature?

This is why I now honour and look after my menstrual blood as too can we, my sister, bleed together, and unite in a much needed bloody revolution. 

I see you.

Meet our Guest Author

Linnea Ernst

Linnea Ernst – Cyclical School Graduate

Menstrual Cycle Coach, Psychology Student, Couples & Sex Therapist


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